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My Song Book - Do not laugh at me lol

This is my song folder. It's really old, I've had it for years and it has almost every song I have ever written. It's full so I have a notebook with songs that I will have to do something with but this is where it all began. I pulled my latest single #soyousaid from this folder but that wasn't what it was called initially. When I wrote the song, I called it "This is War" You won't be surprised to know that a lot more than the title has changed. Look out for the next post for more details on the journey of this song and maybe find out the whole story behind it.

So You Said Cover Art

Cover Art

These are your choices for the cover art of my new single 'you bring the dawn' vote my commenting You have three days to do so and your selection will be revealed at its worldwide release on October 13

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