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A weekend off

So I have the weekend off which really only means I don't have any gigs because let's face it I'm always working because music is awesome. As you guys may know I'm a huge sports fanatic and the FIFA Worldcup just started. I'm backing Spain and Germany and my worldcup starts off with a huge heartbreak it took me two hours to get here because I was really disoriented. Spain got the biggest but whopping I have ever beheld, what was up with that. The defence was horrific I mean I know Puyol has always been my guy but oh my god, I didn't think it would be this bad without him. I only saw the last 20 mins but I .............woah! I really hope they get their act together because I'm a ride or die chick and I won't flip on them but I don't want it to end like this.


Moving on from that I think I told you guys we finished the arrangements for the new single 'you bring the dawn' I don't want to give away too much but this is gonna be a really big song for a number of reasons and hint hint I wanna do a music video for it, really excited about that hope money comes through. I won't be back in studio for another two weeks to lay down the vocals but I have something special for you guys. Every so often the leather back turtles come lay their eggs on our shores and its a big event watching them hatch and helping them to the ocean is a priceless once in a lifetime opportunity.


I got invited from some friends to go turtle watching next weekend. We're going to camp out on the beach its gonna be a night to remember and I'm documenting it. I've never seen this in person by the way so it'll be my first time too for those of you who have never experienced it. This is gonna be a big deal so I might perform that night maybe do a few covers it's really going to be something. Subscribe for this I'm not posting it on the site. It will only be available for my subscribers.


It's Friday so girls' night. They're watching a really boring movie though so I'm working shhhh! You know what I like about Disney Channel its always peppy and hopeful and there's music usually. They're watching a movie about a little girl who can't walk. Who enjoys depressing movies nope I'm not having it and I don't cry I pride myself on that. I cried like twice ever once for a movie called 'True Confessions' Disney thank you very much and once for a society dvd called 'the prodigal son' that one hit me hard because I'd been there. I would well up but nothing comes down my face so I'm not counting those other times, I'm totally strong.


That's it for now stay awesome you guys!


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