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coming and going

Lately I've been thinking about how fragile life can be and how its always changing. You know how you always see movies or hear songs about being together forever and  growing up with people and things will never change drama. I must be the biggest freak ever because my life never plays out like that. I live my life in stages and it's scary and sobering at the same time. It freaks me out how I can just move on yet everything still feels so permanent.

I've never had one friend that I grew up with and knew my whole life and we're inseparable and will be together forever. I've had best friends for a time and we just grew up and grew apart. I've had a really good friend for every stage/phase in my life and I got to say I'm really grateful for that. The friends I do have that I've known my whole life, we don't hang out much. We're there for each other and always have love for each other but its not a crew or whatever. Sometimes we're together, sometimes we're not, what the hell is that though?


They say thpeople that are meant to be in your life will stay in it and though we all live different lives and have gone in different directions there isn't a friend I've made that I've lost or hate or would never speak to again. We may not be what we need from each other right now but we're always there when needed and always will be. They're not just still a part of my life but forever a part of who I am. So today I'm giving a shout out to all the friends out there just like you.


Stay awesome! 


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