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How you guys doing. Sorry for not posting on Friday I wasn't at home. A lot's been going on. I am still setting up the new phone which is the main issue. I had an unlimited data plan on my berry and now that I switched phones I had to switch plans and my internet isn't up. Yes I am surviving on WiFi I feel so ashamed. On the bright side I had a week to spend with my sisters (not blood sisters I only have four brothers - I'm referring to my sister in law and good friend) and of course my niece. She is the sweetest thing ever a bit of a drama queen but my little princess. 


Hanging out with them for a whole week really made me realize how much I miss that, our girls nights and just having your family around you all the time. We take these things for granted but at any time, we could wake up and it could be all gone. It's fragile and I know I don't say it enough but I really love my family - don't judge me I show it and write it in little notes and text it - I just don't say it, love is a strong word. Anyway, it was a weekend of firsts. She played cricket for the first time I held the bat with her but we crushed Granny she was saved by the rains. My sister was like omg we made a memory - she's emotional and well I'm a little crazy, a great combination so I replied omg I know. She also made her first comment in church today. Her answer was 'yes' but she practiced all day Saturday, even when we all wanted her to stop, please stop jai, please - she's almost 2yrs old its a big deal.


What else oh I didn't engage in any musical regime this week huh how's that for a first........... Actually I practiced three times wrote two songs and had a two hour vocal session. But I only checked on my socials twice, it was awful I thought I was gonna die of technology deprivation. I also got some really good news though. I'm working on a publishing contract. I got selected for Band Clash this year - it's on October 25, I'll keep you posted and I'm still trying to work on the new song and new music videos all in all I'm slowly but surely getting a professional schedule and I've got so much work to do I don't know where to start. Usually at a time like this I'd just take a nap but something tells me this is way too important.

Stay awesome!


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