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hey there :)

I've taken taken to writing down things I think will be interesting to talk about because sometimes I have some juicy stuff and I forget by the time I get on. So check this out. I get an email the other day from a company representative asking me to submit my music. It happens, I check it out, seems legit. The idea is they wanna put your music in front of A&Rs for labels you wouldn't normally get an intro to. Everyone that knows me knows there's only one label I really wanna go to which is Atlantic Records but I'm not an idiot you take it where you get it and figure out the rest. I wasn't planning on doing submissions right now because I'm still learning how to do production and engineering my skills aren't great just yet, I'm paying attention to fan feedback because if you don't have a solid fan base you can be Frank Sinatra no one is going to sign you and you don't want to make a bad first impression - you guys know if I don't think something is wow I don't promote it. 

I start drowning in the what if's because sometimes you just don't know and I'd rather swing and miss than never play the game. So I decide to submit but I use my latest single instead of the others that were "more professional" because its me and I am really proud of the project - for the most part because I did it on my own. They listen to it and message me back and their feedback is; we need you to really sing this is (talk singing) you know give us some more energy. I took it as constructive criticism for like a minute then I got bummed out for five minutes and then I was in a bad mood I was like - what if I'm not good enough, what if nothing ever comes of this. It was ....... a thing. I go onto my my radio airplay account the next day and boom another new fan and guess which song. That was some much needed perspective. It made me remember music is subjective and yeah I wanna get signed and get noticed and blah blah blah but I also don't want to be something and someone I'm not. Why would I use an upscale pop beat with high end vocals for a song about feeling dark and broken. In my opinion if you're going to bring energy to that you need to seriously bring it or you'll lose the essence of the song.

Do I need to work on my vocals - yes. Can I sing in C6 or higher - yes. Do I want to sing in C6 or higher - no, not really. Music means a hell of a lot to me most days it feels like it's the essence of who I am, It means everything to me. When I was a kid and I was feeling depressed or having a hard time. I didn't turn on Mariah Carey or Celine Dion and I sure as hell did not care about hitting notes. I turned up Avril Lavigne, Daughtry, All American Rejects and Green Day. Can these guys sing - hell to the yes, in fact Avril has a very high pitched and versatile voice but she doesn't sing like a tweety bird on every track in fact she got a bunch of beef early on in her career for pressing on her larynx - so what. Look what happened, her tone got increasingly higher, her music leaned more and more toward pop instead of rock, punk and grunge. Her record sales went down, the same people started accusing her of not being authentic (go figure) and the last two albums were the least successful of her career. Rock and Roll is about the the passion, the edge and the raw emotion not runs and the whistles. 

I barely have a career I honestly don't want to be confused at this point about my sound. Literally nobody knows what that is yet. From what I can tell there is a pop side, there is a punk side and yes there is a tweety bird side. Hopefully you'll keep listening long enough to hear them all :) I'll know I'm ready for labels when you guys say I am. Until then I'ma keep working on myself and my craft. Quick announcement I am gonna be releasing a new song soon - in May actually. It's called "SO YOU SAID" It's gonna be pop so yes I'm going to sing a little lmfo not too much though and hopefully I can do better with the production. So far I'm liking the sound. I'm actually going to do some work on it when I'm done here. I'll be posting exclusive stuff soon all over the place so be sure to follow my socials as well if you want to follow the journey. Thanks for reading and talk again soon.

Stay awesome!


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