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my happy place

If someone asked you right now what is your happy place, that one person, place or thing that can turn your mood around no matter how bad things are, what would you say. It's always been music for me and I have no idea why, well music and Disney Channel or video games, you guys knew I was a weirdo all this time so don't judge me lol. When you really think about it music is really just an emotional outpouring and so its not surprising that it connects with people on that level. Why did I decide to choose alternative rock though when it's not a main genre here in Trinidad, my guess is too much Disney Channel, it deculturized me (that's so not a word) 


People have started calling me a foreigner it's so bad just because I don't like So a but I have my reasons for that one. Most of the songs are stupid year in and year out and they wonder why Machel always wins and its the dancing. I'm all for being wild but the vulgarity is uncalled for can you imagine me in a Soca Fete (no touching, stop touching me) they'll put me out. Everyone eats doubles on a morning which is like a mini roti (curry) I view it as food and if I eat that first thing in the morning I guarantee I will throw up on you. I like pan but if I listen to it for hours it just turns I to noise to me and the other day instead of saying junk food I said 'take out'and everyone looked  looked at me funny. I'm sorry okay junk food, junk food, junk food

There's something about rock and roll that just frees your spirit and cleanses your aura. It never fails to put me in a good mood. I've finally gone full circle and I'm back to my Avril Lavigne obsession lmfo. She's such a great artist, she keeps reinventing herself and I keep falling in love with different sounds and concepts. I have almost every song she's released and each has a special something a new style a new note or key I hope I can do the same with my music. I look forward to your responses to my new stuff coming soon.

Stay awesome!


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