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I've always loved Taylor Swift. People say her music is always about some guy and breaking up or whatever but you know what, being a song writer myself that's total BS because I've written songs I've run by friends who say 'IMG a song about a boy again' and I'm like no, that song had nothing to do with that its about my mom or brothers or other friend sometimes its about the person reading it shhhhh :D music as I've always said is about perception. When I heard she was changing to pop I freaked. I wasn't sure if she could pull it off but same old Taylor, same amazing sound and talent and writing skills and creativity.


I watched an interview with Hunter Hayes recently and they asked him if he would ever make a change like she did and in my mind I said 'never its Hunter he loves country too much its who he is' but his answer said it all. He said 'my sound is my sound' mind blown! Everyone loves categorizing people and defining them but life is about self expression. I don't have to be white to do Country or Rock and you don't have to be black to do R&B or Hip Hop. In the end if you're really good at what you do, there will always be hints of other musical roots in whatever you do. Music feeds our soul and no matter what walk of life you're from, what creed, color, nationality, we're all human and we all work the same way, there's no classifying that.


This all being said I love that the music industry is opening up and growing in every direction imaginable. I can't wait to jump on that wheel of change. Stay locked for info about my next single 'way back when' we'll be doing a photo shoot soon , lots of exclusives coming your way and most importantly ..........


Stay awesome!


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