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We all expect to find in life that one person that knows us better than anyone else, your secrets, your fears, your dreams, finishes your sentences,  is just like you, someone that understands and really gets you. I had an epiphany yesterday while my mom was trippin' over nothing' that we're really just chasing an unreality because all of those things are not the same. You can spend your whole life around someone and not really know them because situations are what reveal who you really are and even we don't know until we're in it. These circumstances shape you into a totally different person everyday. True there are things about us that are always 'true to form' but they don't really define who we are.


For instance I used to be a good girl who always did what she was told, the one who always does the right thing and I still like doing that stuff but that is no longer the force behind life altering decisions I make and so people think I'm a rebel but I always was. I always hated being like everyone else. I love going against the tide and being different which is how I live my life now, no excuses. I'd trade any day a person who thinks they know me for someone that understands me because in the end, those are the ones that appreciate you despite your flaws and mistakes.


Bringing it back to a music thing though. I've heard artists say their current album is a snapshot of where they are in their life right now but never got it till recently. When you pick songs for an album its not about collecting all the things you just wrote its about an idea. How you feel about something changes as you go through different stages in your life but at the end of it, you get to say exactly how you feel about that particular thing , its as honest as it gets so when you hear a song and think,  wow you really get it trust me when I say, we understand exactly where you're coming from.


Stay awesome!


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