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Turtle Watching

You guys know I like stories right so I have another one. As you know my cousin asked me to go turtle watching with her and honest to god the only reason I said yes was because I thought it would make killer content I mean, I live here and this was the first time I was ever able to see it so the story begins.


We get a tour guide and the first thing he says is we can't use flash cameras or bright lights because it will disorient the turtles' so I'm already upset because I couldn't get footage, I got a picture of the eggs in the hole but it was pitch black just looks like a bright light. I am so glad you guys are patient with me and I have made up my mind that I am not going to say what I'm doing before I do it any more, you'll just have to be pleasantly surprised cause I hate not coming through with things that I say I'm going to do. Good news though! I'll be doing another cover this month - for sure hahahaha so subscribe for the content. 


So we get to the beach and I feel like we're walking for miles it's pitch black and the sand is really loose, sinking in to my knees loose, and the ocean is to my right and I'm like oh my god please do not let me die here. The tour guide wasn't even looking back to make sure everyone was with him it was awful. There were kids and older folks there and you could hear people crying out.  I didn't think I was going to make it, I was honestly going to surrender to the ocean and in the midst of all that I needed to pee and the closest light was my guy friend but he was really sweet about it he didn't look.


Eventually we caught up to the group and with shaking legs I look down and this turtle is huge. I've seen it on TV but wow it was amazing. So what he said is that they live in or around Africa and they come to our shores to lay their eggs. They start doing this around 25 and they don't really feel pain because they enter a trance like state during the whole process. The back really does feel like leather or concrete (according to some) (I dunno, I would assume it felt like leather considering its not named the concrete back turtle) - according to those who felt it because my knees were so weak that I was sure I would fall into the hole if I attempted to touch it- yes I am a scaredy cat. What amazed me the most though was how it covered over the eggs, pulling in the sand and patting it down, making sure its nice and tight. Magnificent experience, they only come out at night so again I'm really sorry I couldn't get anything for you guys to see.


The story continues the rain starts falling while we're in the middle of nowhere in the dark with the ocean washing up on us and so everyone decided they're gong to run for it - except me because well ....... no - luckily my guy friend was there and he stuck with me so I made it out to do this blog (yes I am eternally grateful for that). We shelter under this abandoned house and break through a fencing to the road which turns out to be like two minutes away from where we were camped. If I ever find that tour guide he better watch his back - it took us five minutes by the road and like 30 in the sand who does that. Anyway we decided not to sleep on the beach but in the bus and the guy decides he'll drive back to town at 10pm for a three hour drive.


We get back like 1am and he expects us to find a taxi home at that hour again who does that. Long story short we had a mini slumber party at my friend's house after that I've been working off the cramp I got  on the bus due to my "exodus from egypt and consequent walk through the wilderness" and I'm dead exhausted after not sleeping last night but its cool I had an amazing time, considering, and a great day today. 


Stay awesome!


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