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uncharted waters

Happy Friday! What are you guys up to? Having fun I hope. 


What went on with me this week. I got a few things going on but the biggest deal I had to write a Reggae song. The main genres in Trinidad are soca chutney dancehall and reggae. Sorry for the punctuation but I am using my phone and I don't know where the comma is. I don't particularly like any of those but I have to work and the performance experience us important so he talked me into doing a few reggae songs which is the  genre in the lot I was most comfortable with. So I downloaded some songs from jah cure and busy signal and then eventually decided to top line a song. 


I got it in my head that they sing all sexy and sultry and you would not believe the lyrics that started coming out of my head. I am so ashamed and it would not have happened if I was writing rock music because in my perfect rock world boys suck and girls rule. Its a fact deal with it. Anyway after a few frustrating hours I finally eeked out a pretty decent pg13 song in my opinion anyway I just know my bro is gonna say its not quite there yet. But I really enjoyed the experience.

Also on the cards this weekend is my final day in the studio working on the new single #youbringthedawn which means drumroll please you  guys will be getting a first listen before the release. Only for subscribers though so you know what to do. Killervocals killerballad who's excited only me I highly doubt it. 

Lol stay awesome!


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