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We're Rich!

Hello :)

If you haven't spent a lot of time with me, something you don't know is that I call people by their entire name sometimes. I used to only do it with my youngest brother (he is older than I am but the youngest of the four) but now with my nieces and nephews I do it all the time. I can't help it and they know they're in trouble if I say every legal name they have. So Ethan keeps going down the hallway doing god knows what and every time I call him he re-enters the room just to tell me no (he is 2 years old and that is now his response to every question, every scenario and everything). Eventually after hearing his entire name he stays where I can see him (Jaiya was sitting on my stomach so I literally couldn't move). She (as usual) asks me everyone's name and I start calling them out cause I'm telling you it's a hidden talent. 

So she starts calling the ones she knows and calls her mom's name. I tell her "baby girl I know we call mommy Stacy but it's actually Anastasia we just call her Stacy for short" She sits there super quiet for a minute and then says are you sure. I'm like yeah for real that's her name. She puts her hands on her head and screams "Oh my God we're rich!" Her grandmother looks at me with her mouth open and I'm like "sweetie you okay" She's says "yes auntie but you don't know what this means. If her name is Anastasia we're filthy rich and we can move to the United American States and buy whatever we want! " Where the hell do they get this stuff. Is there some book we don't know about? No way the mind of a 6 year old is this random so I looked it up and she's actually on to something cause that name does have roots in affluence so I guess she's smarter than all of us - go figure.  

Last weekend mom blew her back out so my brother came and picked her up and took her to the market and dropped her home. He tells them we're just dropping granny off no hanging out - got it. They're like yeah sure, after 30 minutes their mom is like okay that's it let's go daddy has to go to work. Jaiya says "he can go if he wants you can go with him just bring us some clothes" Her mom's like no granny has a hurt back we need to go home. Jaeden says "Gran come on walk it off" I wanted laugh out so hard and I did. I asked them if they have no mercy and they gave me the stink eye lmfo.  Eventually after about an hour of their non stop story telling we manage to gather the four of them and bundle them into the car. They are so adorable its almost wrong. 

Stay awesome!


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