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Athyia Alna is an alternative pop and rock artist who is passionate about creating a blend of emotive lyrics that feature smooth vocals with flowing melodies and harmonies. She uses a unique approach that capitalizes on the style’s sensibility. The singer/songwriter’s craft entails intimate and emotionally charged confessional poetry that gives rise to a raw underlying sound that speaks to the heart of every listener.

A native of the twin islands Trinidad and Tobago, Athyia grew up listening to Boys_II_Men, Britney Spears and Jay Z. It wasn’t until she sampled Avril Lavigne and Pink that she discovered her love for alternative pop/rock music and felt more in tune with the genre and herself. To this day, Avril and Pink are her go-to on any playlist at anytime on any day. This inspires her intense creative process while at the same time making her feel at home and at peace.

Athyia is self-taught, and has learned to work hard and smart in order to get things done. She has a Certificate in Introduction Music Theory and is learning how to play the piano. Not afraid to take on a challenge she is combining creating and releasing new music with her ongoing online certificate course in Rhythm and Instruments. This is a move which she has managed successfully due to her determination and drive to share her gift with others.

Having been included in the Coast 2 Coast Mixtape “rockstars” edition vol.11, Athyia Alna continues to show her ambition and hopes to perform in some festivals later this year into next year. She also plans to release new music.