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  • Work on the new single is going steady. Looking forward to sharing this experience with you.
  • We are working hard on staying connected on all social platforms so please like, follow and share to show your support - thank you so much!
  • Live interviews and game nights coming soon. We have been working on scheduling and can't wait to spend some one on one time with you all

  • We're in post promo of the latest single and in discussions for a live podcast interview - coming soon!
  • By the end of this month we'll be back into the song writing cycle - the next single is already decided though - It will be announced when it goes into production.
  • We're creating a segment on youtube called "talk-time" featuring 5 minute (one on one) vlogs see the new posts here

  • A special thanks to moremoremusic for reviewing my latest single "so you said"
  • I new video is available on youtube you can check it out here
  • I writing new music this month and looking forward to the next single - urah!

  • We had over 11, 000 visitors last month - omg! I remember when it was like 100 - We're growing!
  • Thank you to everyone single person that has lent their support to me it means so much
  • #soyousaid has been included on a indie best hits list on itunes! Some amazing talents you guys. Please click the link to gain access.

  • So you said is out now! Please click the link  to hear it for yourself
  • Over 1,000 views on youtube and over 4,000 streams on soundcloud - thank you so much!
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  • My Publicist and Radio Team are on board. Looking forward to talking with you about the new song on air!
  • Also looking to do some live shows early next year so keep an eye on the calendar.
  • Exclusive Content has been uploaded! Check out the new page or click here to go right now 



  • It's Finally done! I completed the new single "So You Said" and can't wait for you all to hear it.
  • Mixing is complete, I've got the artwork - it is pretty breathtaking
  • Distribution is set. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow me on socials for details as they unfold.



  • Hey everyone! I wanted to share a short sound bite of the instrumental for my next single "So You Said" 
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  • I'm still working on the new single I finished the baseline and laid down vocals so I just need to round it out. I promise samples very soon.
  • Thank you to everyone that took the time to check out my music video. We crossed 1,000 views and quick side note ......
  • Monthly visitors also over 1,000 this means so much to me. Please keep sharing and enjoying the content!



  • Hey everyone! How are you enjoying the latest single? 
  • If you'd like a free digital copy of "Is That Justified" please use the link below :)



  • Production has begun on the music video for "Is That Justified"!
  • I'm also working on my next single - can't reveal the title just yet but it's on its way 
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  • Deliberation has begun on Is That Justified concept video!
  • Vote here for your say on what it should be The polls will close on February 24th.



  • Artwork for the new single is ready! I can't wait for you guys to see it - so artsy. I'll be posting sneak peaks, samples audios and more to my subscribers so if you haven't yet you might want to opt in to the mailing list :) 
  • It's on the right ---------->